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Who we are

Quantastica is a quantum software startup from Helsinki, Finland, Europe.

What we do

Quantastica is providing a set of AI-based tools that automate the development of new quantum algorithms. Quantum algorithms designed by robots could solve the hardest computational problems facing modern industry. This approach is opening a possibility to break a quantum advantage barrier with near-term noisy quantum computers which would start the second quantum revolution.

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Pre-seed 200k EUR by Icebreaker.VC (Late 2019)


Quantastica is providing a set of tools for quantum software development:

  • Quantum Algorithm Generator ML based tool for automatic design of quantum algorithms

  • Quantum Programming Studio Web based IDE for quantum software development

  • Quantum Compiler ML based quantum circuit compiler and optimizer

  • Qubit Toaster a high performance quantum circuit simulator

  • QConvert code converter between different brands of quantum computers



Quantastica is open for consultancy and joint projects.

  • Consultancy for industry partners exploring the use of quantum computing

  • Quantum Algorithm Design for commercial and academic R&D



A few quotes by Petar Korponaić, founder, Quantastica:

"Every field of science today is limited with computing power. So in order to move forward, we need something better than classical digital computers to make new materials, drugs for deadly diseases, and more secure communications. We simply have encountered a barrier; a wall in front of us; which is computing power."

"Programming quantum computers is hard job, so we gave it to machines"

"This is how we see the future: quantum programming will be engineering, not scientific task."

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