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The bridge between quantum and classical worlds

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the use of quantum-mechanical phenomena found in elementary particles to perform computation. It is a new way of computation which will allow us to solve problems that are unsolvable for classical computers.

Solutions to those problems could change the way the world uses energy, revolutionize drug research and development, lead to discovery of new materials, optimize supply chain logistics and more - in short: it will change the world.

What we do

We are providing a set of AI-based tools that automate the development of new quantum algorithms. Quantum algorithms designed by robots could solve the hardest computational problems facing modern industry. This approach is opening a possibility to break a quantum advantage barrier with near-term noisy quantum computers, which would start the second quantum revolution.

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    Programming tools

    Programming tools for the new era of information technology.

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    Quantum algorithm development

    Programming quantum computers is hard, so we gave that job to machines.

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    Cross platform

    Need to convert code between different quantum programming languages? You are at the right address.

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    Quantum simulators

    Quantum computers are rare species expensive to run. We are providing simulators for learning, developing, and testing your quantum algorithms.

  • Quantum Programming Studio

    The Quantum Programming Studio is a web based graphical user interface for designing quantum algorithms and executing on simulators or on real quantum computers.

    Since May 2019, Quantum Programming Studio is Rigetti Developer Partner Application.


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      Direct connection with quantum computer

      Click and execute your code on real quantum computer. Simple as that.

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      Cross platform

      Code can be executed on various simulators and quantum computers.

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      Easy to use

      Use drag & drop to assemble circuit diagram which translates to code, and vice versa - type the code and diagram is updated accordingly.

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      Collaborate, teach, learn, share with others.

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Quantum Algorithm Development

In order to solve hard computational problems, only having a fault-tolerant quantum computer is not enough. You’ll need an algorithm as well, and that is not trivial.

Automatic Design of Quantum Algorithms

Solving problems with quantum computers means using quantum-mechanical phenomena like superposition, entanglement and interference. We argue that this is hard and that quantum algorithm development is a job for machines - not for humans. So, we decided to automate the process, and we found a way.

Quantum Algorithm Generator

Quantum Algorithm Generator reverse engineers quantum circuit from classical data (training set). Input is data encoded into state vectors (wave functions) and output is quantum circuit (with instruction set of your choice).

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  • Early Access

    Generator is in the beta (test) stage and we appreciate your input. If you wish to become an early adopter, please sign up and we will contact you soon with further instructions.

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  • Python API

    You can use the generator directly from python code with any quantum programming framework.

    (Requires API key)


Cross Platform

Each brand of quantum computer has its own language/framework incompatible with others. We made tools that helps you convert code between different quantum programming languages. Also, our drivers for popular quantum computing frameworks allows you to run your programs on multiple different quantum computers by changing only a single line of code.


Quantum program converter

  • Command Line Tool

    q-convert comes as a command line tool available via npm


  • Online version

    Easy to access web application. Converts code as you type



Forest backend for Qiskit

Run Qiskit program on Rigetti quantum computers and simulators by changing only a single line of your original code


  • Simulators
  • Quantum Simulators

    From small scale simulator running in web browser, to high performance simulator running on your servers.

    • web


      Open source quantum circuit simulator implemented in javascript. Smoothly runs 20+ qubit simulations in web browser or at server (node.js).

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      Qubit Toaster

      Behind the funny name hides a high performance quantum circuit simulator based on our original algorithm. If you need serious simulator running on your infrastructure - you are at the right place.

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Preparing for quantum?

- Are you building or deploying quantum-classical system?
- Trying to move from GPU to QPU?
- Want to be "quantum ready"?

We can help.

Together with our partners, we know how to move from research lab to the production.

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Our Partners & Supporters

  • Rigetti Logo

    Rigetti Computing is building the world’s most powerful computers to help solve humanity’s greatest problems.

    QCS (Quantum Cloud Services) is their quantum-first integrated cloud platform that gives users access to their real quantum hardware through a virtual programming environment.

    In May 2019, Quantastica joined QCS community and Quantum Programming Studio is QCS partner application.

  • UZS Logo

    Unitary Zero Space is a technology independent quantum computing and quantum technology services company.

    Partnership on multiple levels with UZS:

    - Supporting our hardware independent development environment in UZS trainings and education

    - Advising Quantastica in strategy and business development

  • Icebreaker Logo is a venture capital firm and community on a mission to help build strong tech companies.

  • UF Logo

    Unitary Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit helping create a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the most people.

    Back in 2018, before Quantastica was born, founder Petar Korponaić won a grant from Unitary Fund for open source project "quantum circuit simulator" written in JavaScript.

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